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Choosing a Laptop Computer Based on Hardware and Software Needs

Laptop computers are one of the most desirable techie gadgets. A laptop is a portable computer that could comfortably be used while on a person’s lap – hence the name. It contains all the basic and necessary software (like Office System and Internet access) and hardware (like CD-Rom drive and Modem) features of an ordinary computer and still fits in an ordinary briefcase or backpack.

Advantages of Owning a Laptop

1. Portability.

Being portable, it can be brought along and used anywhere – school, work, vacation trips, unlike the ordinary desktop computer. This is especially handy to a person with a very hectic schedule and busy lifestyle. In this regard, a computer addict doesn’t have to be a hermit anymore! He or she can go out under the glaring rays of the sun and still hold on to the best technological breakthrough product.

2. Convenience.

It is useful for the working person, for the student, for the hobbyist, and for a computer addict too. One can take notes in class, type and print assignments and reports, access the Internet and communicate with another person on the other side of the globe. Teachers and public relations officers can make use of the laptop to give a different dimension to their presentations. Some teachers also find students are more motivated when using a laptop.

3. Size and Weight.

The dormer and studio type apartment lessee would agree that a laptop would save them more space.

4. Image.

It cannot be denied that a laptop is cool. With its sleek shape and form, it can be very eye-catching. It also gives the statement that the owner is not outdated, that he or she is in keeping with the times, and finally, computer literate.

Laptops are not that expensive anymore, but this is not the kind of item a person would shop for every other week. Each and every laptop has its own demands, requirements and features. Features you may want to look for:

1. Size and weight. Laptops are portable, but their sizes and weight still vary. To be very portable, it must be small and lightweight. They usually weigh 5 pounds. If it will be used outdoors more often, the weight should not be more than 5 pounds.

The size of the screen is also important. The usual sizes are 12.1, 13.3 and 14.4 inches. Tiny screens, as small as 8 inches, are ideal for portability, but the demands of the eyes – to have a squint-free screen – should also be considered.

2. Sturdy. A laptop must be taken care of, but it would be more ideal to have a tough and sturdy one that will be able to withstand any accidental knock or minor bump. There are models available with shock-resistant hard drive mounts. It has to be durable enough if it will be taken outdoors often.

3. Internet connection. One has to be in touch with the rest of the online community. There are wireless connections offered already. To one with budget constraints, an ordinary 56Kbps modem would do to connect to the rest of the world.

4. USB port. This should also be carefully checked out so that the laptop can be used in many more ways. There should be at least one USB port if not more, for future expansion of adding other hardware. The USB port can be used for external keyboard and mouse, but it is most useful to create connection with digital cameras, external drives, and MP3 players.

5. Battery life. The battery life of the laptop must allow the user to use and enjoy it outdoors or in areas that do not offer power resources for the public. A reasonable battery life should not be lower than 5 hours. The battery life will determine the extent of freedom that can be enjoyed with the laptop.

There are 3 kinds of batteries available.

The Lithium-ion (Li+) is usually chosen. Li+ batteries have range that can offer the best quality.

Nickel metal-hydride (NiMH) batteries are less expensive, although they do not excle in terms of battery life.

Nickel cadmium (NiCad) batteries are the ones to stay away from. They require constant recharging.

6. Technical specifications. There should be enough RAM, storage space / hard drive and computing speed. The technical specifications would depend on the most probable purpose of the laptop to the owner. If the laptop would be used for playing 3D games, it is ideal to get at least a 256 RAM. If several music or video files will be stored, a larger hard drive should be considered, 40 gigabyte is ideal.

7. Price. Finally, the laptop should be reasonably priced. There are refurbished laptops available out there for those with strict budgets but there is a way to save money and still get the ideal laptop.

First, the purpose that the laptop will serve must be properly ascertained. This will avoid purchasing laptops with expensive features that would end up being unused. Don’t buy 80 gigabyte of storage space if only 3 gigabytes will be used for documents.

Stick to your budget. There are many attractive add-ons in the computer shop like glow-in-the-dark mouse pads or wireless mouse. These may not be necessary and can add to the total cost.

Negotiate for add-on features. Lastly, it wouldn’t hurt to try to negotiate for the price. 5% off can go a long way.

Video Conferencing Hardware and You

If you are new to the game there is some video conferencing hardware to consider.

Gone are the days when you had to fly across the country and drain your company’s expense account just to attend a two-hour meeting. Now, all you have to do is turn on your computer and you’re ready to go.

But if you are new to the world of video conferencing online, it may not be that easy. You might not have any idea of the different video conferencing hardware components that you will need to get started. To make things even more difficult, a quick Internet search for the phrase “video conferencing camera” brings up more than 42,000 entries. Yikes!

In the interest of protecting your sanity and boosting your status in the eyes of your boss, we’ve provided a brief list of the basic pieces of equipment you’ll need to get conferencing and good places to buy them:

Personal Computer

Most offices these days are equipped with personal computers (PC). These temperamental creatures are a necessary evil to keep your business organized and competitive in the twenty-first century market. A PC is also completely essential to video conferencing, as your computer hooks up with other computers so that you can conduct your meetings online.


Whether DSL or dial-up, most offices these days are connected to the Internet. The web is a valuable tool in business today and almost everyone has a website – even your neighbor’s dog. Internet connection is a must for online conferencing, as you actually have to be online for this type of conferencing. Dial-up services will work for video conferencing online, but your images will be less clear. ISDN connections work best as they provide the fastest connection speeds and clearest pictures.


A video conferencing camera is an important piece of hardware as it enables you to talk face to face to your colleague or customer across the country. Without them, you’re just audio conferencing. Prices for video conferencing cameras range from a basic IBM model going for $40 to a snazzier PolyCom model that runs about $499. Logitech sells a model specially designed for laptops or notebooks.

Cables and Stuff

You will need a USB cable to convert the images that your camera records to a format that your computer can understand. USB Gear provides several different types of equipment that take up minimal space on your PC and will get the job done.


Unless you want your video conference to become just a visual conference, some type of microphone is necessary for each participant to communicate with the others. Wideband Solutions sells different microphones designed to cover both small and large boardrooms. If you just need a microphone to cover you and your desk, Phoniex Audio sells a microphone that will do the job.


While not completely necessary, a headset is a convenient piece of equipment for any savvy video conferencer. Imagine trying to crunch some numbers on a spreadsheet and carry on a conversation about your budget with a phone awkwardly cradled in the crook of your shoulder, while your boss looks on from 300 miles away. Not exactly the put-together professional image you want to convey.

Time to Shop!

eBay and Amazon are good spots to go for used equipment, but buyer beware – you never know what condition it might reach you in. Always be sure to use reputable sellers with good customer ratings. PolyCom is well known in the industry and sells top-of-the line equipment. You can also try NexTag. This site that provides a search of the best prices on whatever electronic equipment you specify.

Know About the Various Computer Games Hardware and Get Them for Enjoying Best Quality Computer Games

All of you readers usually access a personal computer and more than half of you are probably crazy about computer games. However, are you sure that you know about all hardware? No! Then, how could you know about the wholesale computer games hardware sources? Make your information complete by reading the rest of this article.

There are many varieties of games. Some deal with conflicts, while others are based on racing. There are different types of games available for everyone. Girls can play Alice in Wonderland types of games that are in slower motion than that of Car Rally, for example. In order to make your computer complete, you might want to equip the computer with the complete set of accessories. Let us talk about getting wholesale computer game hardware from various sources.

Computer games are somewhat different from video games. Video games are played on a video game console with controllers, joysticks, pedals, game pads and other things. A variety of computer games can easily be managed with a keyboard and a mouse. Many other computer games have special requirements. You might use headphones to keep from disturbing your surroundings. You might also use pedals for racing games.

Similarly, game pads are required to play some games that are for more than one player. If there is only one user playing on the computer, the game will go fine. If there is more than one player, a single keyboard will not be sufficient. The game pad is attached to the computer to this purpose. All gamin equipment can be bought at reasonable prices through wholesale hardware websites. In addition to providing you with gaming devices at discounted rates, these sites also offer them in a wholesale quantity. They cut the shipping charges as well.

Some additional computer gaming equipment includes a gaming keyboard and a laser mouse. The gaming keyboard has special keys for certain games, and the laser mouse has additional buttons for controlling the game processes. These two pieces of hardware are sufficient.

There are some offline wholesale hardware sources, as well as big wholesale computer show rooms. Shopping here is somewhat different from online websites. Here, you can test the product yourself before purchasing them in large numbers. Both of these mediums have their own significance. For people who need products in large quantities, online purchasing is probably alright for them. That is where they can get wholesale computer games hardware for discounted rates.