Opportunities in Computer Hardware and Networking

Computer hardware refers to the various physical components that make up a computer. For example, the motherboard, processor, hard drives, RAM (Random Access Memory) Modules, printer, etc. Networking is linking one system or a group of systems with another system or group of systems. Networking is done to facilitate sharing of data and information. A lot of technical knowledge is required to be a professional hardware and networking engineer. India is home to some of the major Information Technology (IT) majors. Such companies constantly require qualified hardware and networking engineers to maintain their systems. To cater to this demand numerous Computer Hardware and Networking Institutes provide the technical education and certification at the successful completion of the course. All these institutes claim to have their own unique way of grooming a student. Besides imparting technical education these institutes also groom their students in personality development and improve their soft skills. One is assured of a job on completion of the course as most of these institutes now a day’s provide a 100% job guarantee.

The service providers of all wireless networks, telecommunication companies, etc are faced with the challenge of keeping in pace with the fast changing technology of radio-frequencies to be successful in the telecommunications world. One needs to offer better services to ensure a broader customer base and continued patronage. Besides planning to expand the network, one needs to carry out regular maintenance and keep looking for better means of optimization of the existing network. RF (Radio Frequency) drive test is a procedure for carrying out an evaluation of a Radio frequency network. It tests and analysis several aspects of a radio frequency network like, the coverage, availability of the system, capacity of the network, call quality, etc. one needs to be al least have a diploma or degree in electronics/ electronics and telecommunication/ computer science/ information technology to be eligible for a specialization course of diploma in RF Drive Test. After successful completion of the course, one can look forward to be employed with telecommunication, wireless broadcasting companies as a survey engineer or drive test engineer.

With growing penetration of technology in everyday life, it is becoming pertinent for every enterprise to regularly train their employees for enhancing their workplace skills and thus being more competent. Lots of companies proved this Enterprises Training Services. These training sessions are tailor made for the demands of a particular enterprise. The training services covers almost every sector of an enterprise which includes area like R & D, marketing, accounts, human resources sectors, sales, accounts, manufacturing, etc. With the advent of better technology the training methods have also included some modern concepts like role play, gaming scenarios, voice-over, videos, virtual trainer, etc.